UN Chinese Language Day, 20 April 2022, Message by David Gosset


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Dear friends,

Today, one celebrates the UN Chinese Language Day. It is on that day, while we think about the oracle bone script, the inscriptions on Chinese ritual bronzes, the seal script, and the infinite beauties of calligraphy, that I wish to inform you that in the fall our book China and the World will become a triptych.

Our third volume published by Il Mulino will look at the role of culture in the relationship between China and different regions of the world.

The phenomenon of translation is one of the themes that our contributors will examine.

I personally look at translation as a metaphor for the true cross-cultural encounter.

It is why I not only encourage you to appreciate the Chinese language, but also to taste the significance of multilingualism.

I record this message at night time.

A poem is coming to my mind: “The moon is down, ravens caw, a frostiness fills the sky / By the riverside maples and fishing lights, sad, insomnious I lie / Beyond the walls of ancient Suzhou, where Hanshan Temple stands / Bong goes the bell at midnight to touch the boat of the passerby.”

Happy UN Chinese Language Day, dear friends. 


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