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In January 2022, the China-Europe-America Youth Program International Communication Challenge was launched by the China-Europe-America Global Initiative and Zhejiang University, to invite students from across Zhejiang University to discuss the important role of youth on three topics: "Youth for Mutual Understanding between Civilizations", "Youth for the planet" and "Youth for Shared Prosperity".


After a month-long internal selection process and a final selection by the Global Initiative jury in China, Europe and the United States, Lin Weiwei, student of Zhejiang University's Global Engagement Program, became the winner of the International Exchange Challenge. Lin Weiwei will be one of the guest speakers at the first dialogue of the China-Europe-America Youth Project on March 29th, and as the winner of the first China-Europe Youth Initiative International Communication Prize, she will also be invited by the organizer of the Initiative to participate in a two-day international cultural exchange program in Shanghai.

Introduction of the winner

Lin Weiwei is a third-year student at Zhejiang University, a member of the China Photographers Association and a member of ZJU Global Engagement Program, majoring in English and minoring in Broadcasting and Television Studies. She is currently the assistant of the overseas publicity team of the Office of Global Engagement in Zhejiang University, the debate and speech coach of the Confucius Institute, and the club leader of the Black and White Drama Society of the Wenqin Art Group. She has won the first prize and the best individual style award in the National University International Organization Talent Competition, the best individual debater and the third place in the Shanghai International Debate Competition, the second place in the regional competition of the "Cema Cup" National English Public Speaking Competition, and the second prize in the 2020 Zhejiang University Student English Speech Competition, etc.


Click here to watch the full video of Lin Weiwei's speech at the CEA Youth Program International Exchange Challenge



Judges' comments on the winner of the Sino-European Global Initiative:


Her impeccable English, her presentation skills, her presence, the content of her talk, its structure and rich significance have impressed the jury. The productive tension between an individual and the vast universe symbolized by the star Polaris is a powerful source for a story to flow and inspire.

David Gosset, Founder of the Sino-European Global Initiative


Started from a short story about "looking at the stars", Lin Weiwei's speech focused on the theme of "environmental protection". Through dialogues with young people around her and reflections on the issues of the times, she explored practical solutions to address climate change and enhance youth responsibility. The speech highlighted the vision of "the starry sky" and was well in line with the first dialogue of the China-Europe-America Youth Program. During the speech, she showed a clear line of thought and a very broad vision.

 Yu Yunquan, Director of the Institute of Contemporary China and the World


Lin Weiwei's speech demonstrated the clarity of the exposure and the involvement of the interlocutor at a distance. Her clear and articulate presentation was able to bring a strong impact to the audience and the ideas she presented were inspiring to the young generation.


Louis Godart, Former Cultural Advisor of the Italian President


I was struck by the seriousness of her presentation as well as her proficiency in being able to explain a very complex issue. She explained the value and ability of how the younger generation can contribute to this issue in a very realistic way and certainly demonstrated in a very strong commitment and comprehension of what is involved in trying to resolve such an enormous problem. I also especially enjoyed the example of the Polaris star as well as the overall issue with the heavens as well. Finally, her presentation was extremely smooth, professional, insightful and extremely articulate. 

Joan McEntee, Former Under Secretary of the US Department of Commerce


Lin Weiwei's speech covered a number of antagonistic yet synergistic concepts: human and nature, small and big, reality and ideal, questions and answers, demonstrating the strong desire of a globally-minded and engaged young person to protect the planet, and to awaken, motivate and inspire other young people to join in.

Lin Keyao, Ambassador of the China-Europe-America Youth Program


Lin Weiwei's speech focused on the vast starry sky, where a North Star is both a warning light and a silver lining of hope. The speech was delivered with solid language skills and poetic expressions that elevated the individual perspective to the responsibility and value of a generation, reflecting the importance of youth in the fight against climate change.

Li Lu, Ambassador of the China-Europe-America Youth Program

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