Trailer Release | The significance of dialogue among youth in the eyes of the Ambassadors of the CEA Youth Program


How the youth can better contribute to mutual understanding between cultures, a green future and shared prosperity? In this trailer, Lin Keyao, Li Lu, and Cecily Liu, three Ambassadors of the China-Europe-America Youth Program, invite their fellow young people to the first dialogue of the China-Europe-America Youth Program on March 29 to discuss the mission and responsibility of youth in the new era.

This upcoming event consists of three sessions: Youth for mutual understanding and world peace, Youth for the planet, and Youth for shared prosperity, which will be co-chaired respectively by these three young ambassadors.

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Full text of the trailer:

l  Lin Keyao, Session 1


Dear friends, greetings from Shanghai, a city that celebrates the creativity and dynamism of youth every day. I’m privileged to co-chair with Professor Louis Godart, former cultural advisor to three Italian presidents, the first session on “youth for mutual understanding and world peace”, a topic that has never been more relevant. In this session, we will discuss with young leaders from 7 different countries how the young generation today can better embrace the challenge of promoting mutual understanding between civilizations, why multilingualism matters in this endeavor, and how youth can play a greater role as upholders of peace and harmony in this increasingly complex world.


Please join us on March 29!


l Li Lu, Session 2


Vandana Shiva has once said, in nature’s economy the currency is not money, it is life. To protect lives, to create a carbon-neutral and environmental-friendly world would require a lot of changes not only in our actions but also, our thinking patterns, and also our evaluation indexes on success and growth. But these are very small prices to pay in comparison to the changes that will be forced upon us if we stand by and do nothing. In this transformation process, young people will play a significant role, for their unlimited potential to come up with new narratives and provide with innovative solutions. We are here to guard the treasures of our planet with the wisdom of our ancestors, but also the visions of the 21st century.

Please join us on March 29!


l  Cecily Liu, Session 3


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, warm greetings from London! I'm Cecily Liu, I am a ESG Consultant living in London. London is a place where young people from diverse cultures come together. They discuss ideas, they share intellectual thoughts, and together, they join hands to turn the world into a more peaceful and prosperous place.  I’m honored to be the co-chair of the Youth for Shared Prosperity panel discussion. In our panel, we will look at how young people create economic value and how our society can empower them so that they can turn their passion and drive into making the world a more prosperous place.

Please join us on March 29!


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