Event Overview | Winner of China-Europe-America Youth Program International Communication Challenge visits Shanghai for a two-day cultural journey


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Words from David Gosset to the youth

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In January 2022, the China-Europe-America Youth Program International Communication Challenge was launched by the China-Europe-America Global Initiative and Zhejiang University, to invite students from across Zhejiang University. After rounds of competitions, Lin Weiwei, student of Zhejiang University's Global Engagement Program, became the winner of the International Exchange Challenge. On August 8th, invited by the China-Europe-America Global Initiative, Lin Weiwei participated in a two-day international cultural exchange program in Shanghai.


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Words are the founding rocks of human civilizations. Lin Weiwei and a team of the China-Europe-America Global Initiative came to Museum of Art Pudong, first stop of this program, explored an exhibition themed on words and languages – “Xu Bin’s Language”, which discusses, from an artistic and multi-dimensional approach, the meaning and significance of Chinese culture in a newly developed international language context.  


Lin Weiwei visited the office of PwC China and had a conversation Mr. Bin Zhao, Senior Economist of PwC China. Mr. Zhao talked about the history of the company, shared his visions on global landscape and Chinese developments, gave some advice on career development.  


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Louis Godart, former cultural advisor to three Italian presidents, through an online meeting, gave his congratulations to Lin Weiwei and encouraged her to become a bridge and belt between Chinese and Occidental civilizations.  


On August 9th, David Gosset,  founder of the China-Europe-America Global Initiative, awarded Lin Weiwei the certificate of “China-Europe-America Youth Program International Communication Prize”.


David Gosset autographed his book Limited Views on The Chinese Renaissance, and gave it to Lin Weiwei.



Words from the winner,

During my two-day visit in Shanghai, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of people, see a lot of things and hear a lot of stories that I had never heard of before. When I visited Mr. Zhao Guangbin at PWC, his precious advice on career planning and the mentioning of "being helpful, selfless, indifferent to fame, and sacrificing one's life for righteousness" all gave me great inspirations. In my subsequent communications with Professors Gortat and Professor Gosset, I was deeply enlightened by their commitment to bridging people from diversified backgrounds, and creating interdisciplinary and intercultural fields. "Things, ideas, and people", these are three elements that everyone needs to interact with, and staying open is the most important way to enjoy one's life. Despite the unrelenting tides of the times, youths should carry on the impetus of daring. During the trip, I often feel somehow nervous or anxious of the professors' aspirations, but their kind encouragement empowered me to be more determined to continuous introspection.

The summer heat had not yet subsided, but the cool breeze was already gently kissing people's faces. I watched the sun set along the Huangpu River shed on the "pineapple head" of the Bund Center, and was once again moved by the enthusiasm of everyone I met during the trip. I sincerely hope that China, Europe and America will continue empowering youths to create a people-oriented and harmonious world together. Long last friendship and communication!



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