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Founder of the Europe-China Forum, China-Europe-America Global Initiative, David Gosset's Speech

Under the China-Europe-America Global Initiative, dialogue is taking place around four main topics: museum, green economy, youth and philanthropy.


Today, coinciding with the UNESCO International Literacy Day, one officially starts our China-Europe-America Philanthropy Cooperation Initiative.


Philanthropy is fraternity in action. It is a responsible engagement at the service of causes which are larger than oneself.


Be it in the field of education, for our planet or for human health and well-being, philanthropic efforts take different forms.


Through experience sharing and the study of philanthropy, one can maximize its effectiveness and encourage its spirit.


Obviously, progress is a highly complex phenomenon, depending on a wide range of factors. But, when those who are the most successful understand the significance of giving back, human and social advancement is certainly accelerated.


On behalf of all those involved in today's event, I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to our partners, to our speakers, and to our audience.


Thank you very much.


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